Phone Answering System Examples

The examples below are real case studies of how we have implemented a phone answering system for our small business customers. For more details and prices please see the main page telephone answering system home page by clicking here.


1)  Kitchen Worktops company - separating trade and retail customers

A Kitchen Worktops company wanted a automated phone answering system to route calls differently for retail and trade callers.  They wanted a greeting that prompted callers with an existing account to press 1 and for new customers to press 2.  Option 1 routed calls to the landline in the office that dealt with trade accounts.  Option 2 routed to the mobile for the sales person who is building up their retail trade. 

All the greetings were recorded and the phone answering system configured within 24 hours.  They diverted their main office number to our phone answering system and we up and running.


2)  Engineer on Call

A fire alarm system company needed to have an engineer on call out of hours, but needed to be able to change the mobile number depending who was on call.  We provided them with a phone answering system that routed calls to their office during the day and played a greeting to the caller out of hours.  The greeting explained that the caller could leave a message, or press 1 if the call was urgent and they would be transferred to the on call engineer.

We recorded the greeting and configured the system.  We also provided a simple web interface so they could log into the phone answering system and change the mobile number the calls routed to.


3)  Software support service

This customer had several different software products and needed to steer the caller to the correct team depending on which product the caller was interested in.  This is a very typical requirement of a phone answering system which gives the caller several options.  If the team did not answer within a set time voicemail was provided so the caller could leave a message.  The message is stored electronically as a WAV file and emailed to the appropriate team.


What are your requirements of a Phone Answering System?

Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.  We can advise you on the best type of configuration and greetings to ensure it is simple and clear for the caller.


Please call us to discuss your Phone Answering System requirements
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Please call us to discuss your requirements

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