Simple Telephone Answering System for a small business

We are 100% focussed on small and startup business customers and can provide a simple telephone answering system that can be live in 24 to 48 hours.  The telephone answering system is managed as part of our central system, calls simply route through our system and out to the destination you want.  No need for you to buy or install any equipment, understand complex phone systems, or record greetings; we do it all for you. 

We can provide a new telephone number or you can divert your existing number to us. 

Our Telephone Answering System is very flexible and a typical configuration would include:

  • play a greeting to the caller and describe several options

  • let them select an option

  • route the call to a landline or mobile 

  • voicemail if you can't answer the call (with email alert)

  • Different call handling or voicemail out of hours.

We will do everything for you, but if you do want extra flexibility we can provide a simple web interface to the telephone answering system so you can control some of the options yourself.

Read about some examples of customers who have used the phone answering system by clicking here.

We also have a live receptionist service. If you are interested in a live service instead of an automated system please see our sister site

Telephone Answering System pricing

We pride ourselves on simple, clear, and competitive pricing, with no hidden charges:

  • Set up                                       = £25   (includes a 01 or 02 telephone number)

  • Subscription                           = £20 per month

  • Calls routed to UK landline =  2p per min

  • Calls routed to UK mobile   = 12 pence per min

  • Calls to voicemail                  = Free

All prices are subject to VAT

What is included?

The set up fee includes configuring the Telephone Answering System for up to 5 "extensions" and recording the main greeting.    Also included is voicemail to email on each extension.  Greetings are recorded for each voice mailbox.  Users can record their own greetings if preferred.  A simple time of day feature can be added, for instance put all calls to a general voicemail out of office hours.

Voicemail messages are stored electronically and emailed to the user as a WAV file attachment.  Users can also call into the system to listen to messages.

A web interface can be included if required.  This can be used for the customer to make their own changes.  A good example is a customer who has different engineers on call and he changes the settings so out of hours calls go to the right engineer.

More complicated systems can be implemented.  These may include a second level of greeting and options, pre-announcements before connection, ringing more than one phone simultaneously,  adding a conference call facility, etc, etc.  We would need to understand your requirements to provide a specific quote, but typically the set up may go up to £50 and the monthly subscription may go up to £30 or £40 per month depending on complexity.

Phone numbers and call routing

We will provide a new 01 or 02 telephone number for your Telephone Answering System.  You can either publish this number or, if you already have an established number,  divert your existing number to the system.

As an example, one of our customers had a main number for their office and five people with their own direct lines.  The main number was diverted to our Telephone Answering System.  The caller heard a greeting giving them the choice of who to speak to, and on pressing the option the call is routed to that person.

You don't have to all be in one office.  The Telephone Answering System can route calls to any phone number, including mobiles and overseas.

Order Now - Ready in 48 hours

Click Here to order your Telephone Answering System now or give us a call and we can take your details over the phone.

We will need to speak to you at some point to ensure we understand your requirements so please give us a call on 0207 11 11 085.

We can normally configure the Telephone Answering System and have it working within about 24 to 48 hours of your order.

Telephone Answering System - set up

The system is very flexible so please give us a call to discuss your requirements.  We will ask you some simple questions to ensure we understand what you need and we can make suggestions to help your callers. 

Normally we can complete the set up in 24 to 48 hours. As part of the set up we can give you a telephone number for any BT area code in the country, or an 0844 number.  You can use this number as your main contact number or you can divert an existing number to the Virtual IVR System.

We will charge you for the set up fee and first months subscription.  In subsequent months we send you an invoice for the monthly subscription and for calls transferred to you as shown in the prices above. 

Please call us to discuss your Telephone Answering System requirements
0207 11 11 085

Please call us to discuss your requirements

0207 11 11 085

Eight years and counting...

Office Answers Ltd was established in 2004 by Clare and Ian Marshall to provide telephone answering and virtual office services to small businesses.

Back then we only had 20 customers and gave each one our personal attention. 

It's now 2015 and we will give you the same personal attention,  leaving you thinking we still only have 20 customers, even though we have grown quite a fair bit over the years.

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